Tires And Auto Repairs productivity drops around london escorts

What sounds less exciting than going to an event at a tire and repair shop? Likely nothing more than paint drying. The good news is that Mike’s Tires and Auto Repairs has an event calendar that reads more like a fraternity party than an auto mechanic’s shop. The events that they have lined up are not your average workshops. They are filled with fun, guys, beers and London escorts galore to make the eye candy about more than just the hot rods.

New Hot Pose Girls Auto Contest

If you are someone who likes to watch all those reality manly dramas like Gas Monkey, these excellent events are a step above. Not just the antics of the guys in the shop, they have beautiful women around showing you how to change the oil, replace the carburetor, or just to stand around and look pretty. Who knows, you may find one that you want to take out for a little more education afterwards. From workshops on how to fix your own mobiles, or restoration tips, there is something for everyone.

Actually, there isn’t something for everyone. There is nothing about the events at an auto mechanics shop that would make your wife want to tag along. If she is always nagging you about wanting to come along, these are the type of events that she will want nothing to do with. You don’t have to start a fight or feel guilty. All you have to do is show up to see some beautiful pieces of steel and hot bodies, and we aren’t just talking about the cars if you know what I mean.

Better than a spinning wheel with some new car release, the events at Mike’s Tires and Auto repairs are so much fun you will forget that they are held for mechanical purposes. Better than googling how to fix those things you can do at home, experts will walk you through the process of maintaining and fixing your own cars so you won’t have to spend a fortune. There are also fun games and parting gifts. Who knows, a date with  London escorts 24/7 may just be one of them.

Coupling up with PalaceVIP, Mikes aims to make his events some that are lasting and fun. Watching beautiful women fumble around cars the same way you as an amateur would is much more entertaining than sitting around an old tired event with some old guys discussing the good old days when they had a mustang. If you are looking for something to do that is a step above the other festivals that you are being drug to, check out Mike’s event calendar to see what is in store for you.

Less drama than reality shows and definitely more fun than bingo, it is something that you can do to waste some time and learn some mechanics skills. The best of all worlds, it is a great time to get away and forget about your troubles for an evening.

21 Feb 2017