4 Working Ways to Make Your Car Tire Last Longer


Whether it is a small saloon car or a big, four-wheel drive, we all anticipate for one objective, to make your car tire last longer. With this in mind, you can save on costs spent on replacing car tires. If you own a passenger vehicle or a car for hire, then you might be using a substantial amount on your car tire. While other car tires last up to 10 years, some hardly exceed six months. You will only get methods that work.


However much you try to economize on car tires, you should know that no car tire lasts forever. It is because of the everyday wear and tear disadvantage. Here are four maintenance tips to make your car tire last longer.


  • Regular Inspection – Ask the mechanics. They will attest to the fact that maintenance is the key. Make sure that your tires are well inflated. When talking about regular maintenance, we do not mean that you will often pay garage fees. Instead, run your fingers over the tires to see if your tire leaks pressure.


  • Regular Cleanliness – This is another point often overlooked. Even if you are not operating on a muddy road, tires have spaces that hold small pebbles. When these stones compress in motion, the tire may burst, a sure way of losing your hard earned tire. You can use a manual brush to clean your tires depending on your driving frequencies.


  • Balance Your Wheels – Get a qualified mechanic to fix your tires in leveled horizontal position. This will prevent putting unnecessary pressure on one tire, making it wear out fast. You can rotate the tires, or let the mechanic use special types of equipment to do the job.


  • Wheel Alignment – Finding out whether your wheel is upright or not isn’t difficult. Even though this problem isn’t common, poorly aligned wheels can wear out your tires like nobody’s business. You can spot poorly aligned tires from miles away. Move few meters behind your car, and then observe your car tires. Do they lean inwards? Or outwards? Do the same from the front side of the car. Proper alignment means the tires are vertical from the ground.


When you stroll around industrial areas, you may come across piles of wasted tires. Due to their technical nature, it is uneconomical to recycle tires. For this reason, you should make good use of existing tires by trying these simple maintenance tips.