Tyres are an Important Part of Your Car’s Performance

When we think of a car’s performance, we often think of aerodynamics and how powerful the engine is. While these, along with other aspects, are important to helping your car perform, they are not the only factors. One that is often overlooked is the tyres, with even powerful cars being run on tyres that are inferior or of the wrong type. This can cause a significant reduction in performance, effectively wasting a lot of the power your car may have.

Lots of Grip

The key purpose of a tyre is to help keep your car firmly on the road. This means grip and tyres with more grip allow your car to go faster. The added grip allows more power to be transferred to the road from the tyres, helping to push your car a lot faster. They also help to provide extra grip going around corners, meaning you can corner faster while remaining firmly attached to the road. This also makes them a lot safer.

Fuel Efficiency

The extra grip also means the less energy is wasted, which in turn means your engine does not need to work as hard to travel the same distance. This helps to reduce the amount of fuel you need, making even high-performance cars more fuel efficient than they otherwise would be.

Invest in some good quality tyres that are ideal for your vehicle and you will really see the difference. Not only will you see improved performance, but you should also find that increased fuel efficiency sees you make a return on your investment before long.