Why are There Different Types of Tire?

Tires are one of the most important types of parts of just about any ground vehicle. Without them, the vehicle would have difficulty maintaining a grip on the surface. Whether you are in a budget car or a high-tech supercar, the tire will be just as important. Not all tires are the same, though. Some will be found only on certain types of vehicle. Each has different characteristics and is better suited to certain tasks than others. Here are some of the different types of tire that you are likely to come across.


Standard Road Tire

Most cars will come with standard tires that have no particular speciality.
Most cars will come with standard tires that have no particular specialty.

Most cars will come with standard tires that have no particular specialty. They are designed for regular use on the roads in all weather conditions. While they may not be suitable for some extreme conditions, they are just fine most of the year. They don’t offer particularly high performance, but they do offer safety and reliability. Standard tires are also designed to be durable, helping to keep costs down for everyday users. They are the most common type of tire you can expect to see on the roads.

Sports Tire

Sports cars require extra grip, and they have special tires that provide just that. These tires are wider than normal than other tires to increase the surface area. This increased surface area provides the much-needed extra grip. While sports tires for road cars need to conform to road safety standards, cars that race on tracks only has tires that are more specialized. Slicks are tires with an almost flat surface. This provides extra grip in dry weather, but they are prone to aquaplaning when it’s wet.

Specialist sports tires tend to be very expensive, and are usually only good for one race if that. They are designed only with helping to go as fast as possible. Safety and cost are generally secondary concerns, within reason.

Off Road Tires

When going off-road, a different type of tire is needed altogether. Off-road tires need to be durable because of the forces they are placed under. Their wide shapes help to spread the weight of the vehicle. This helps to prevent it from sinking on soft terrain. For some specialized off-road tires, the wide profile of the tires is exaggerated. Especially on very soft surfaces such as deep snow. Some can even help provide buoyancy for semi-aquatic vehicles.

Off road tires also tend to have protrusions on the surface that help them to gain grip when moving over obstacles. They are not the best options for attaining high speeds on rough surfaces. They can be essential, however, if you are going off the beaten track. Go off-road without the right type of tire and you might end up not being able to move at all.

It is unlikely that you will end up with the wrong type of tire on your vehicle. However, you could easily end up driving your vehicle on the wrong surface. If you are trying to drive but are struggling, it could well be the type of tire that is the problem.